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GALLUS Rotisserie Initiates Home Delivery Services

GALLUS Rotisserie, an exciting new venture designed to offer Dubai foodies best French chicken, is introducing its home delivery service

Offering gourmands the option to those who want their meals directly at their home or office, GALLUS Rotisserie is best known for12274188_1670396686552424_7598281450854700089_n its home made food and dining concepts.

 With a focus on sourcing the finest produce available, GALLUS Rotisserie imports its chicken from the French region of Mayenne to guarantee the perfect dining experience. The founders procure chicken which is not fed on antibiotics and is completely hormone free, with no artificial ingredients. The rotisserie style cooking serves to enhance the flavour of the meat by searing the external parts of chicken, which seals in the flavour and juices of the bird.

 GALLUS Rotisserie’s team of chefs have developed a sharing menu that allows each patron to entice their taste buds with a symphony of different flavours that enhances the taste of the chicken. From the all-day dining menu, groups of two to three can revel in the GALLUS Lover option that comes with a whole chicken, a choice of two sides and three sauces. A larger group will be thrilled by Sharing is Caring, that will  satisfy up to six people with two whole chickens, four sides and five sauces; perfect for a dinner party.

 The restaurant offers an array of homemade sauces that amplifies the dining experience from Green Chutney Sauce, a mix of fresh mint, coriander, green chili, cumin and onions to the fiery Harissa sauce and the restaurant’s special Gallus Sauce, chicken juice marinaded with roast cherry tomatoes and grilled garlic. Each allows the diner to experience a parade of flavours, offering a unique culinary sensation with every bite. GALLUS Rotisserie’s selection of side dishes range from the French classic of Gratin Dauphinoise, to the comforting Macaroni Cheese and the nutritious Legume à L’Italienne, an assortment of fresh vegetables.