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Al Falamanki Sets Up First Outpost In Dubai

Al Falamanki, an ode to a golden era and a unique concept in the food and beverage industry in Lebanon, has now opened its first international venture in Dubai, situated across the Four Seasons Hotel

Named after the famous Khalil Al Falamanki, the restaurant and café, located in the heart of Beirut, takes diners on a culinary journey of traditional Lebanese food, offering a dash of old city nostalgia in modern-Dubai. Rooted in the old streets of Beirut and the culinary habits of villagers, Al Falamanki plays host to a blend of homemade cooking smells, diversified dialects and old-school sounds, transporting patrons into the nostalgic experience of Beirut during the 60s.

The Falamanki concept is the product of restaurateurs Tony Ramy and Mario Jr. Haddad, and businessmen Sheikh Najib Abou Hamze IMG_6068and Mohamad Siblani.  After embarking on a road trip across Lebanon on a quest for heritage, the partners stumbled across the story of Al Khalil Al Falamanki – a Lebanese wrestler-turned bodyguard from the past era who lived a full life of globetrotting and befriending local and foreign celebrities with his charm and reliability. Having felt that it embodied the concept they were seeking perfectly, Khalil’s story became the main essence of Al Falamanki’s experience.

The Dubai restaurant is located on the Jumeirah Beach Road, and comprises an indoor and outdoor area, which offers a selection of shisha, and seats up to 500 people.  Taking the human aspect of the destination to a higher level, the wonderfully bucolic restaurant is said to be a shrine to Mr. Falamanki, depicting his life through the fascinating walls which display a number of private items from his personal collections.

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Falamanki will be offering a varied selection of appetizers and mains, ideal for breaking the fast with family and loved ones. For the appetizers, the venue will be serving traditional dishes such as Hashed Chicken, Summac Potatoes, Cheese Rolls, and Fried Kibbe. Main dishes will be a choice from the ‘special’ selection, or the Ramadan daily dishes.