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Floral Ice Bowl

Ingredients Edible flowers and herbs of your choice 1 litre/2 ½ pints capacity bowl 2.5 litres/4 ¼ pints capacity bowl Ice cubes Method Wash the flowers and...

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Romancing The Mango

One bite of its ambrosial saffron-yellow flesh, a whiff of its heady aroma and a taste of its flavour that blends hints of peach, apricot and pineapple, and...

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Saffron: The Super Spice

Coined from the Arabic word Zafaran, which means yellow, saffron is derived from the beautiful saffron crocus flower and is a greatly esteemed and expensive...

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Cinnamon: Sweet Wood

Cinnamon, with its heady, woody scent that perfumes the air when sprinkled on French Toast and Apple Pie was once more prized than silver!
Alim Bolar