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Elevation Burger Introduces Organic Chicken To Its Menu

Elevation Burger, the Emirates first and only organic burger chain, announced the introduction of organic chicken to its menu in all of its restaurants located across the UAE

Built on the belief that fresh, organic meat is healthier for people, Elevation Burger is known for the organic items on its menu. 104584-1

Similar to the beef which is used for the burgers, any chicken served at an Elevation Burger restaurant across the UAE would have to be 100% USDA-certified Organic – no antibiotics, no hormones and no pesticides. It was also critical that the chickens be raised in an animal and environmentally friendly way- in cage free, open pastures, not in industrial poultry houses.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Khaled Al-Dhubaib, CEO of Tabco Emirates, said, “Elevation Burger is the leading organic restaurant chain in the country offering only 100% organic beef burger and chicken sandwich in a fast casual set up.We have always believed that we are not purely commercially constrained but quality driven, as our commitment is to provide easy access to organic products to a wider reach of people throughout the UAE. Elevation Burger’s vision and long term investment is to create a healthier environment and standard, and a better ecosystem for the current and upcoming generation.We are currently the leaders in the market offering our customers world class products.”

“People in the UAE are becoming more and more aware of the food they eat and offer to their children.Nowadays healthy eating habits and well-being is shaping up to becoming a priority in the country. Elevation Burger is here to offerthat option in a convenient way to people with an organic, light, yet healthier burger. We guarantee to serve the best organicproductsbecause we care for our valued guests and their loved ones. The chicken sandwichwas an anticipated addition and we are confident that our guests will relish the new menu”, further added Khaled Al-Dhubaib.