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Essential foods to eat during Ramadan

Dehydration has been a topic of concern when fasting for Ramadan, we round up five essential foods that can help replenish the long lost fluids

We are half way through the he special time of the year, however one of the few concerns that Muslims face during their fasting is the summer which could lead to dehydration. It is essential to drink water during the evening hours to be able to survive the 16 hours of fast without any food or water. However, not all source of hydration comes from liquids alone. Eating foods with a high water content can add an added benefit to the hydration process. Here are five foods that we think are a a great source of hydration.



Dates have been a staple fruit of the Middle East and they hold a very special place in the hearts of all Muslims due to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) extolling the benefits of it.

One of the many physical benefits of dates is that the body benefits from the high natural sugar levels that are present in them. They instantly provide the energy that is needed when the fast is broken. Moreover, they happen to be a great source of fiber, protein, potassium and magndates-resizedesium which assist the body to maintain its health. It is even a slow digesting food which means that it keeps hunger satiated for a longer time than fried foods.


Leafy Greens

The greener the vegetables ,the richer in nutrients they are believed to be. Kale for instance is a great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and helps battle cancer. All these leafy greens such as spinach , romaine lettuce and mustard greens are all loaded with essential nutrients such as water, dietary fiber , iron and minerals which are very crucial for maintaining hydration levels. Toss up a salad like the conventional Arabian salads such as tabbouleh or fattoush, or even better concoct a green smoothie for a refreshing change.



This vegetable with unique taste and texture, is extremely rich in B vitamins, potassium, manganese, folic acid and antioxidant compounds. This particular vegetable contains 92% of water by weight which is also a great source for maintaining hydration levels. The vegetable can be cooked and eaten in myriad number of ways. Either take the route of grilling, saute or baking it, Eggplant is delicious is in either which ways.



There is nothing like taking a bite into these mouth-watering fruit especially in this scorching heat. Watermelons are packed with significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, antioxidants and amino acids. Containing 91% of water and a quick thirst reliever, these even happen to be the best at replenishing lost fluids. These can be plainly eaten, tossing them in a salad or you even make a delicious smoothie out of them.


Harira soup

Harira, which is the traditional soup of Morocco that is commonly eaten in Ramadan. An easy to make soup which is even a brilliant way to obtain the nutritional benefits from vegetables, meat and grains. It is quite well known as a starter but is also eaten as a light snack on its own.