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Floral Ice Bowl



Edible flowers and herbs of your choice
1 litre/2 ½ pints capacity bowl
2.5 litres/4 ¼ pints capacity bowl
Ice cubes


Wash the flowers and herbs.
Fill the larger bowl with water, flowers and herbs.
Place the smaller bowl in the larger bowl so the flowers are pressed along the sides and at the bottom in the gap between the bowls. Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to arrange the flowers and herbs. Add more if necessary.
Fill the smaller bowl with ice cubes and fix with strong tape across the top so that the bowls are held in place. Place in a freezer to set overnight or at least 8 hours. Remove the bowl periodically to check if the flowers are in place – reposition with the toothpick if necessary.
When completely set, remove the tape and the ice cubes from the smaller bowl. Pour a little warm water into the small bowl so it will loosen and remove it. Dip the outside of the larger bowl in warm water so the ice bowl will come free. Freeze again on a tray.

Fill the center with fresh flowers and use as a centre piece. Or place in a larger bowl and fill with cold soup or beverages.