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Hey, Surprise me!

Just when you thought cupcakes couldn’t get any better, Hey Sugar Bakeshop has created a new, gourmet range of “Surprise Me” cupcakes 

Group-ShotThese scrumptious treats will send your sweet tooth into overdrive. The 6 new cupcakes added to the Hey Sugar menu have everything you expect from the already enticing selection, except now when you dig into the cupcake a delicious surprise filling awaits you.

“We wanted to create an even more elevated experience when you bite into a cupcake… the surprise filling adds just that extra layer of flavour and dimension,” says Dana Jallad, co-owner, Hey Sugar.

Oey goey caramel, chewy cookie dough and cinnamon apples are among the variety of fillings used in these new recipes.  The flavor combinations are unusual and nostalgic, reminiscent of classic homemade recipes.

Hey Sugar’s Newest Additions…

Caramelicious:  a triple salted caramel cupcake, with vanilla sponge, salted caramel frosting, and stuffed with a oey goey salted caramel filling, all finished off with a caramel toffee.

Who let the Dough Out: a chocolate cupcake with vanilla and chocolate chip frosting and a pocket of sticky cookie dough in the center, all topped off with a mini cookie.

Love Me Tender: a banana sponge cupcake, with a pocket of Nutella frosting covered with peanut butter frosting,and finished off with a drizzle of Nutella.

Apple of my Pie: a playful take on a traditional apple pie.  A pocket of apple pie filling is hiding in vanilla sponge, and covered with a cinnamon frosting.