Arabian Feast

How Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated in different countries

Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is soon culminating and everyone is pepping up for the grand festival known as Eid Al- Fitr. Also known as the sugar feast, Eid al- Fitr, is one of the most essential religious events in the Islamic calendars. It is celebrated by all Muslims worldwide and marks an end to Islamic holy month of fasting. The celebrations begin with the first sighting of the new moon and the great festivities last up to four days.

Traditions may vary across the world, but we are certain that food is definitely a significant element of any grand festival. We cover five countries that celebrate Eid AL-Fitr in their own unique ways.




This country in particular has a lot of fish recipes that are centre to their grand feast, but they are acclaimed for specifically for delicacies such as Fata which is an Egyptian classic dish that comprises of meat, rice, onions and vinegar. Kahk which are cookies that are filled with nuts and coated with powdered sugar are also very renowned in Egypt.


Uncommon everywhere else but unique to this place, are the egg fights. Popularly known as Tokhm- Jangi, men gather in parks with hard- boiled eggs and get charged up to break each other’s egg. Exclusive treats such as the Shor-Nakhod that are made of chickpeas are also served during the Eid festival.haleem

Saudi Arabia

In a few areas in the central of Saudi Arabia, it is a common practice for people to place rugs on any of the main streets of their neighbourhood where each household shares meals with each other. In some regions, the Saudi men purchase large quantities of rice and leave it at the doors of the less fortunate.


henna   India

Celebrations of Eid in India begin on the “Chaand night” which is the night of the moon. Women often apply varied beautiful designs of henna on their hands and feet. Elders also give out gifts or money which is popularly known as “Eidi”. There are several delicious delights such as Seviyan ( Vermicelli pudding), Haleem (Mutton stew) and kebabs which are savoured during this grand festival.


South East Asia

It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Malaysia, Singapore , and Brunei  it is popularly known as Lebaran in Indonesia. All these countries follow the custom of mudik or balik Kampung which involves people meeting their relatives and friends and asking for forgiveness. Furthermore, Pelitas (oil lamps) are used by many households to enliven their houses.