Norwegian Sea Council Hosts Gala Dinner

Norwegian Sea Council hosted a gala dinner highlighting the availability of fresh sea food in Norway. The dinner was attended by UAE chefs and other members of the industry 

The dinner was hosted by the UAE Ambassador of Norway, His Excellency Jens Eikaas and Sebastian Myhre, a famous Norwegian chef known for his skill with seafood and from popular cookery shows in Norway.

Norwegian prawns
Norwegian prawns

Over the course of 45 minutes, Sebastian Myhre demonstrated crucial seafood and fish preparation processes such as quick filleting techniques and low temperature preparation through five different dishes which were then served to the group. Particular delicacies which punctuated the evening included Norwegian Salmon, Norwegian Salmon Trout, Norwegian seasonal Cod “Skrei”, Norwegian King Crab, Norwegian Scallops Norwegian Blue mussels and Norwegian Cold Water Prawns.

“The cold waters of Norway provide excellent conditions for some of the freshest seafood and fish to thrive and the Norwegian people have a heritage tied to the sea which goes back thousands of years. This combination ensures we export the finest fish and seafood all year round,” commented Sebastian Myhre.

“Through hosting special dining events where key individuals from the catering and hospitality industry can see the varieties of preparation and ask questions directly to a chef who has worked and trained with this produce for 14 years – we hope to stimulate an increased demand in Norwegian seafood and raise awareness of why Norway has the reputation of serving the best seafood in the world.” He continued.