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Prawn Sesame Toast: The Crunchy Starter Recipe

The Prawn Sesame Toast is a mouthwatering delicacy coming from the expert chefs at Sizzling Wok

Here is a traditional delicacy inspired by the traditions of the Chinese:

Sizzling Wok presents its Chinese delicacy-Sesame Prawns Toast

Sizzling Wok presents its Chinese delicacy-Sesame Prawns Toast

Prawn Sesame Toast

Serving portion: 1 portion

Preparation time:  15 minutes

Category: Starter

Available at Citymax Hotel, Bur Dubai Outlet: Sizzling wok


  • Prawn Medium size 200 gm

  • White Bread slice 2 nos

  • Spring onion chopped 10gm

  • Salt to taste

  • White pepper powder 10gm

  • Chicken Broth   powder 20 gm

  • Sesame oil 20ml

  • Egg white 1no

  • Corn flour 10gm

  • Sweet chili sauce 20ml

  • Vegetable Oil 100 ml


  1. Mince the prawn

  2. Add chopped spring onion, salt, white pepper powder, chicken broth powder, sesame oil and corn flour

  3. Coat the sliced white bread with egg white

  4. Then apply the prawn mince mixture on both side of the bread slice

  5. Deep fry in medium heat oil until it gets golden brown

  6. Served with sweet chilli sauce

And your delicious prawns are ready!