The Acrobatic Pizza Lunch At Eataly

 Eataly at Dubai Mall will celebrate Campania region (the Italian region where Pizza was born) with a special lunch show by Saltimbanco Italiano Global Art Theatre Company, on 15th May, Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm
Pizza Free style in its modern form, with tomatoes and cheese on crust was born 1889 in Naples, Italy.
Despite its long history, most people think it is only a myth that pizziaolo can do tricks or fancy moves with pizza dough. Most people think it is only a myth that competitions test these pizzaiolo.
This weekend Eastaly at The Dubai Mall will pay homage to the legacy of delicious pizzas that have pleased our appetite for quite some time now. They are hosting a special lunch show performed by the Saltimbanco Italiano Global Art Theatre Company. The unique show will see acrobats use their tricks and techniques on pizza dough. The lunch show will be hosted from 1 pm to 4 pm on Friday, 15th May.
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Pizza dough freestyle acrobatics is done by individuals and by teams. The sport of pizza acrobatics was born, growing and evolving into a sport which impacts the world! Pizza spinning did not require much training at this point. There were individual and team acrobatics, the largest dough, the longest spinning dough, the highest tossed dough, and the fastest dough to test these new pizza superstars’ skills.